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Dear Valued Customer,

First of all, I would to thank you for your customer loyalty in being the wonderful end users of our Funeral Director’s Management System. It is our customers and their customers who make us so successful in what we do every day and that is to bring you the most convenient, fast, and beautiful Point of Sales and Accounting system for the Funeral Home and Cemetery Industry.

We are extremely excited to bring to you over the next few months as well as the next year certain systems and release updates which we believe will make your user experience better than it has ever been and surmounts any other Funeral Director’s systems on the market today.

Our latest release for FDMS has occurred on July 20th, 2017. A summary of the specific areas that were changed are listed below:

Posting Cases
Advanced Search Modal
Case List View
Payment Screen Change
Drop Down Deletion
Pre-Need Tab Changes
Vitals Tab Changes
Report Modal

A full copy of the exact changes are explained in the Release Notes attached to this e-mail.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach via the following contact methods for more information:

 Phone: 480-568-8280
 E-mail:
 Ticket Creation:

Your FDMS Support Team

NOTICE: During this time, you may contact FDMS Support by emailing

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